If Dr. Seuss were in Ed Tech

by Jean Tower

Tech Christmas tree

In schools we’re happy so much tech is now allowed –
Laptop, tablet, phone and cloud.
Without their calendar and docs on line
Students might not hand in work on time.

My class researches, creates, and shares;
Comments show an outside world that cares.
Often we prefer iPads now,
But sometimes we still book the laptop COW.

Hardware, software, protocol,
Do we have to understand this all?
What software or app is the best to use?
So many options – you must choose.

iMovie, GoogleDocs, Notability –
All extend our capability.
Every app is meant to inspire,
But worthwhile work still makes us perspire.

Don’t limit yourself to paper and pen,
Don’t write with chalk on stone;
Advance a bit from earlier men –
You won’t be all alone.

Keyboard what you have to say,
Copy, paste, center, indent.
But suddenly it’s gone away –
Was that “reply all” really sent?

Please express your genius while online,
To share with all who stop by.
Then get yourself a glass of wine
And enjoy the holidays with a restful sigh.

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