Fun PD Day at Google Cambridge HQ

by Jean Tower

Google Rubik's CubeA METAA-organized professional development day at Google Cambridge Headquarters was a great success today. We had a really good turnout of participants and the presentations were engaging, interesting, and full of information. Google presenters included Stephen Vinter, Jaime Casap, Dana Nguyen. A presentation about Google Books was also extremely interesting, but I can’t find the presenter’s name in my notes (sorry).

If you have deployed (or are thinking about deploying) Google Apps for Education, there are a few resources you should know about. The Google Apps Education Training Center is a fantastic resource – this is a richly hyperlinked tutorial to using Google Apps for Edu.

The Google Apps for Education Certification program offers online training modules and a series of exams to become a certified educator. Once you are a certified educator and have done extensive teacher training and Apps deployment support you can apply for individual Certified Trainer status. If your organization has 3 or more Certified Trainers and meets some additional requirements you can apply to have it listed as a Certified Trainer program.

To find out more about the book project:

To see an amazing 3D human body app:

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