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by Jean Tower

I have presented several times lately on the topic of creating visual presentations and on using the Pecha Kucha format of presenting. Pecha Kucha is a format that constrains your presentation to 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide.

To learn more about Pecha Kucha, see the following resources:

My Pecha Kucha Post
Daniel Pink Video
Pecha Kucha Organization ~ There are many examples provided at this site.

Whether you style your presentation after Pecha Kucha or not, powerful and high resolution graphics are an important part of a good presentation. Here are some really good resources to use in your hunt for free, high quality images.

  1. Google – Image
    Go to advanced Image Search and select Labeled for Reuse under Usage Rights.
  2. Library of Congress’ Photo stream on flickr
  3. Flickr
    Flickr has a few sites with lots of images and using the creative commons section ensures you have the right to reuse the image.
    Flickr Creative Commons
    Flickr Blue Mountains
    Flickr Storm
  4. Stock Xchng
    Go to advanced search and select restricted category as no or partly.
  5. Free Foto
  6. Free Digital Photos
  7. Every Stock Photo
    Here you want to find images that have the following permissions:
  8. Image Base
    You can use these images for whatever you want, personal, commercial or non-profit -use for free.
  9. Pic Finder
  10. Pictures from Old Books
  11. Pics 4 Learning
  12. U S Government Photos and Graphics
  13. GRIN – Great Images In NASA
  14. USGS Maps and Imagery
  15. Public Domain Photo
  16. Morgue File
    Many of the images on this site are free to reuse and require no attribution.
    “morgueFile free photo – You are allowed to copy, distribute, transmit the work and to adapt the work. Attribution is not required. You are prohibited from using this work in a stand alone manner. License summary”
  17. Free Pixels
    You can use the images freely, even in magazines, as long as you retain the credit:

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