Flash Mob Tech Support

by Jean Tower


Last month, after the first couple of weeks of school, the technology department noticed that we had lots of requests from one particular building. So, rather than send one technician and have him work his way down the list little by little, the network administrator proposed having the whole team work at that one school for the whole day. They swept through the school and visited every teacher, resolved many issues, and took care of lots of upgrades and fixes. The reaction was very positive. Staff appreciated the focused help and they were impressed with having a whole crew show up at their school.

A couple of days later, in a conversation with a colleague (Andy Marcinek – @andycinek), we were talking about how the opening of school went. Andy mentioned having a flash mob of tech support at a school to get the year off to a good start and to connect with all the teachers. And that’s when I got the name for the tech sweep our guys had done – it was a Flash Mob Tech Support (dancing optional).

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