by Jean Tower

The FCC released (August 11) a new order concerning CIPA compliance and erate funding. <pdf>

As we start school for the 2011-2012 school year, there are a few sections that schools will want to be aware of.

About Social Networking:
Although it is possible that certain individual Facebook or MySpace pages could potentially contain material harmful to minors, we do not find that these websites are per se “harmful to minors” or fall into one of the categories that schools and libraries must block.

Indeed, the U.S. Department of Education recently found that social networking websites have the potential to support student learning, stating that students can “participate in online social networks where people from all over the world share ideas, collaborate, and learn new things.

About Portable Devices:
Some E-rate recipients have sought guidance regarding the potential application of CIPA requirements to the use of portable devices owned by students and library patrons, such as laptops and cellular telephones, when those devices are used in a school or library to obtain Internet access that has been funded by E-rate. We recognize that this is an increasingly important issue, as portable Internet access devices proliferate in schools and libraries. We believe it may be helpful to clarify the appropriate policies in this area, and intend to seek public comment in a separate proceeding.

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