Favorite Quote of the Week

by Jean Tower

This week I was at work at a meeting where many of the participants were parents in our school district. One of the topics was a presentation on technology use at our high school . Central office administrators shared with parents some of the “best practice” accounts that we had recently seen. There was general agreement about the importance of using technology well in teaching and learning, and parents appreciated the specific examples that were presented. One parent, whose daughter is a high school freshman, told us about watching her daughter sitting downstairs at a table doing homework. Seeing this, Mom asked, “Why aren’t you sitting at your desk to do your homework?” To which her daughter replied, “I don’t need a desk. I need a laptop.”

“I don’t need a desk. I need a laptop.”

There ensued a spirited sharing about blogs and wikis and research and writing papers and the fact that a computer is the most important tool that students need to do well in school and to facilitate lifelong learning. It was a nice moment.

To view some faculty webpages, go to http://www.nsboro.k12.ma.us/algonquin/teacherindex.htm for links to these pages. Many teachers regularly update their web pages, many have blogs, and several use wikis with their students.

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