Eat Your Broccoli

by Jean Tower


As a school leader in education technology, my professional world is often focused on building capacity for educators to use technology well for teaching and learning, and on creating the essential conditions that make it possible for them to put these skills into practice.

Some teachers embrace the use of technology readily, they “get it” quickly, and they lead the way for others. At the other end of the adoption spectrum, there are educators who actively dislike the transition to digital and believe there is no value in it. For that majority in the middle, though, it is simply an acquired taste.

For many, it’s like eating broccoli (or kale or raw oysters) – it is an acquired taste, and to acquire the taste you might need to prepare broccoli 20 different ways and try it 40 different times before you start thinking, “Hmmm, this is actually good.” (Thanks to a colleague for using this analogy today in another context.)

If we can convince educators to get through the “trying it out” phase – trying technology in a variety of ways – they are bound to find it can actually be good, as they experience successful projects and learning outcomes. They will see their students collaborate online, create amazing digital products that showcase their learning, learn how to be responsible digital citizens, and expand both their knowledge and the audience with whom they share that knowledge.

So for some of our reluctant adopters, I say – eat your broccoli! You could learn to love it.



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