Digital Storytelling

by Jean Tower

Digital Storytelling is using computer-based tools to tell stories. Digital stories usually have a combination of media – text, still images, video, music and narration.

From Kindergarten to High School
I have seen digital story projects in a kindergarten classroom that included still pictures of hand-drawn pictures and narration by the student telling the story. These projects captured voice and imagination and allowed five-year olds to become published (on the web) authors. I have also seen high school journalism class products that look like they could be shown on NPR. Even with a simple set of tools like those in the Adobe Digital School Collection, students can create very polished videos and photo stories. Adobe also publishes curriculum ideas and sample projects – check out:

According to a Gartner report, Video Killed the Document Czar, from November 2008:

“By 2013 more than 25% of the content that workers see in a day will be dominated by pictures, videos, or audio.”

The students we are educating today will increasingly need to be literate video consumers and creators. Weaving digital storytelling projects into the learning experiences of students of all ages is essential for developing these skills.

I am very interested in helping to get a Digital Journalism course going in my high school. If you have experience or ideas in this I would love to hear from you.

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