Cool Tools

by Jean Tower

Articles and workshops about cool tools for teachers abound. Here are a few cool tools for administrators.

Cool Tool #1: My Favorite Scanner
I have a small Fujitsu scanner on my desk, the Scansnap 300. It is amazing how much this has changed how I handle paper in my office. Mine is over a year old, and the newer model is S1500, and I have seen it for about $400. It has a really small footprint, especially when not in use, scans both sides of the paper (duplex), B&W and color, and comes with a great bundle of software to help organize files and save in many formats.
The auto feed works really well and I have scanned as many as 10 pages in one feed, with one touch of a button.
Check out the specs on the S1500.


It is useful to be able to save as jpg, Word, or PDF and I love that it automatically creates searchable PDF files.

So, why is it a cool tool? I scan and save as a PDF and trash the paper on things like: articles, forms, business cards, and notes from meetings. I find I am much more organized with my electronic files than with paper. I can find things more quickly and share them more easily.

Cool Tool #2: IPEVO Point 2 View (P2V) Document Camera
In presentations to faculty and administrators I like to use tools that I am encouraging others to use. Sometimes, though, I am reluctant to spend the money for equipment that isn’t going to be used in the classroom. Well, no guilt here – this document camera retails for only $69 and it works really well. Every school district should have a full complement of tech tools for professional development and presentation use and I would make this document camera part of that package.

Check it out at IPEVO.

Cool Tool #3: Flip Video
Really, it could be any simple to use and low-cost pocket video recorder. It is a cool tool to record “how to” directions, interviews, student work, and professional development moments. Create a video record of any event you might share with the community – use video to promote your school and the accomplishments of your faculty and students.

Check out Digital Wish for their “buy one get one free” offer.


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