Changes to Google Search Algorithm

by Jean Tower

Yesterday, in an official Google blog post, I read that Google significantly changed their search algorithm. “In the last day or so we launched a pretty big algorithmic improvement to our ranking.” The post explains that their goal is to bubble “better content” to the top of the search, relegating less valuable pages to the bottom of the heap. “Better” is explained as sites and pages that add value with original content, research and analysis.

METAA has organized a visit to Google Cambridge Headquarters for Massachusetts school Technology Directors (March 2, 2011). We will be hearing from several Google execs about several topics and they have set up a Google Moderator page for us to pose questions in advance of the actual meeting. I asked about the change in algorithm – I look forward to seeing how much they can (do) share.

Topics for the meeting Wednesday:

“Google pushes the edges and expands the digital world. How might Google cloud computing change the digital world you work in? Is your digital information equally accessible from work, home, and social settings? Speed and availability are the top two traits. Join METAA at Google Cambridge Headquarters and hear top Google representatives discuss cloud computing, book scanning, and career opportunities at Google. Breakout sessions will investigate Google Apps including technical integration and a deep dive demo with Q & A.”

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