Apple News – Lion and iPads and Earnings – Oh My

by Jean Tower



Interesting live blog post about Apple’s quarter 3 earnings. A couple of very noteworthy points were made:

“Apple has announced that OS X Lion is launching tomorrow.”

“We sold every iPads we could make.”
Apple ended the quarter with iPad distribution in 64 countries. 1.05 million iPads in channel inventory.
200,000 increase.

“Apple sold more iPads to EDU than Macs last quarter.”

“If 10 people told you why they use an iPad, you’d get 10 different answers.”

I know in my district the boom with iPads has been to address assistive technology needs. There is an amazing match between the iPad technology, the apps that are available and the needs of some students. For students with communication issues, the iPad and apps is not only an inexpensive solution (compared to say a DynaVox speech device) – it is a “cool” solution. This population of students can go to classes with a device that raises their cool factor while helping them to access the curriculum. Wow.

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