Apple Educational Tune-In Series

by Jean Tower

Have you taken advantage of the free Apple eduational series, Tune-In Series?
It is a collection of free webinars focused on introducing educators and educational technology leaders to the capabilities of Apple technology.

The webinars are running weekdays from September 19 to October 28, and cover topics like managing the iOS devices in an enterprise computing environment, planning deployment, and finding quality content.

I just registered for this Friday’s webinar:

Planning iOS Device Deployments
9:00AM to 10:00AM Pacific

The Apple Education Tune-in Series is a collection of webcasts focused on introducing educators and IT leaders to the capabilities of Mac OS X and iOS platforms.

End your week with a whole session discussing iOS device deployment. Concepts from the week will be used to outline how an example deployment can be planned, typical types of decisions that need to be made at various stages, and provide some insight on how your deployment can be worry free.

Even though we started deplying iPods years ago and iPads last year, I would still like to hear some best practices and advice from schools who are a little ahea of us in the deployment cycle.

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