Accelerating Success with CoSN

by Jean Tower


The CoSN annual conference theme is Accelerating Success, and registration is now open.
The conference in is Washington DC April 4-7, 2016.

The theme captures the concept that a school culture that truly embraces digital options and that leverages technology will accelerate success for their students. But equally important, I think that when we join together at national conferences like this and network with our peers and listen to the success stories of other school districts, we accelerate our own success – we get better faster when we get better together.

Daniel Pink is the opening keynote speaker and his topic is How Smart School Systems are Rethinking Innovation, and he will explain which elements of an environment can either promote or stifle innovation.

Browse the speaker list and I am sure you will find speakers and topics that will help you both on “Monday” and “some day.” From “Monday” speakers you get ideas, guides, and strategies you can take back with you and employ immediately – on “Monday” as the phrase implies. The “some day” speakers will inform your long-term vision, will inspire you to go the distance, and will help you imagine what you might build or accomplish “some day.”

speaker list

Learn more about the conference.

Here’s how CoSN describes it:

Accelerating Success: Powered by an eLearning Culture

Technology is constantly changing the way students learn and how teachers teach. School systems are in the midst of a digital leap, moving away from the traditional into the world of elearning. The success of this shift depends as much on the people and culture of the system as it does on the technology used. The 2016 CoSN Annual Conference will focus on the ways that school systems can change their organizational culture, embrace a culture of digital options and accelerate success.

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