5 Essential Characteristics

by Jean Tower


In this post, The 5 Essential Characteristics of a Project Manager, the traits listed as indispensable are:

  •  A Good Sense of Organization
  • Knows How to Get People Motivated
  • Knows How to Communicate
  • Can React to Changes
  • Knows What to Do and What to Delegate

As I read the piece, I thought – “These are the characteristics I want in a Network Administrator.” And, then I decided they were things I want to see in Instructional Technology Specialists, and school principals, in myself, and…..so many others. Are these pretty universal traits for people leading any kind of department, organization, or effort?


Communicate about the big picture as well as the details.

Use your vision, stories, and your own trustworthiness to motivate others to follow you.

Be planful and organized in order support a propensity toward action.

Be flexible and ready to react to change.

Don’t try to do it all – delegate and resist the urge to micromanage.


Sounds like a good, general skill set to me!





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