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March 2013

Marry the Concept, Not the Tool

I’m in mourning. And I’m a little embarrassed that I am, and why I am. I am going to miss Google Reader, and I am already mourning the loss. Whenever I facilitate professional development workshops and sessions, I advise teachers to marry the concept but don’t get married to the app (or application or web […]

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True, so true.

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Low Tech Slide Videos

This is a really interesting post on how to really simply create slide videos – great for flipped classroom. Try it!!   POST

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Digital Age Leadership

In a piece today on Edutopia, School Leaders: Guiding Teachers into the Digital Age,  Anne O’Brien writes about a keynote by Scott Klososky at a recent Ignite Conference. Scott was talking about effective leadership to make the transition to digital learning. There were several good points, but two that I really connected to. “Develop three […]

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Getting to One to One

I recently invited Matt Brooks and Rick Hampson of Apple Computer to the school district to present and lead a discussion about successful one to one implementations and what factors they see as influencing success. We had a very nice turnout (on a Monday night awaiting a snowstorm) of about 50 people, and there was […]

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Inspiration – Work

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5 Essential Characteristics

In this post, The 5 Essential Characteristics of a Project Manager, the traits listed as indispensable are:  A Good Sense of Organization Knows How to Get People Motivated Knows How to Communicate Can React to Changes Knows What to Do and What to Delegate As I read the piece, I thought – “These are the […]

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Rerun Next Net Day

Back in 2008 I wrote, The Next Net Day. I suggested there might be three things we could get communities of volunteers behind: Bandwidth Schools all over Massachusetts deal with their bandwidth issues separately, individually. There are a variety of providers, from telephone companies to cable television companies, that schools work with for Internet access, […]

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Using the Technologies of our Time

Schools must leverage the technology of the day for teaching and learning. PERIOD. We can all have a chuckle when we read about past admonishments about technology. Socrates warned that books would diminish our capabilities to speak and carry on intelligent dialogue. When I was in high school there was a division on whether calculators […]

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It’s not too late to join CoSN at our 2013 Annual Conference next week

CoSN is gearing up for the 2013 Annual Conference, Audacious Leadership, in San Diego next week. Join your colleagues in San Diego from March 11-13 to hear success stories from and share best practices with leaders in education technology. Online pre-registration has closed, but attendees are welcome to register on-site. If you can’t make it […]

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